Store list

【Management Philosophy】

"Lifestyle proposal to all people living in town starting from city planning"

We stand in the view of a city, a world town

All people who live in the city pursue "fun"

Excitingly different from usual lifestyle

Propose an exciting day and live in this town

I would like to help you think it was good.

That is our desire.

【Job Information Working Method Reform Promotion in Progress!】

Work location
① Depending on store address
(Takamiya · Kasuga City, with relocation in Fukuoka prefecture)

② Working hours
A / 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 B / 15: 00 - 4:00 the next time
* It becomes a shift system within the above time.* Time varies depending on location.

③ Salary
Cooking / Hall Employees
(1) Monthly salary from 180,000 yen to 240,000 yen
Candidate manager
(2) Monthly salary 240,000 yen ~ 300,000 yen
Manager, chef, manager
(3) Monthly salary 270,000 yen to 500,000 yen
※ We will consider by experience of interview.

④ Welfare program
Social insurance complete * With bonus * With incentive system * New Year etc. Special vacation available * Transportation expenses payment * Uniform loan * With meal *

⑤ Holiday vacation
Cooking Hall Employee Week holiday 3 days (Monday 10 to 12th)
Manager, chef manager, manager (including candidates) Month 6 - 8

⑥ Human resources you are looking for
Cooking · Hospitality · Store Management, Multiple Store Management

(1) Cooking / Hall Employees 18-29 years old * Inexperienced people welcome for career formation due to long-term service
(2) manager, chef manager, manager candidate 25 years old ~ inexperienced welcome
(2) Store manager, chef manager, manager No age limit Food history 3 years or more
* Welcome to join from inexperienced people or different industries.